Did you got a speeding ticket and are looking for a complete dismissal? Well, you are definitely not alone.

Every hour, approximately 4,680 Americans receive a ticket. That’s almost 78 people every minute in this country!

The likelihood of receiving a speeding ticket in your lifetime is very high and it’s excruciating when you hear that siren and see those flashing lights through your rearview mirror. Facing the results of a speeding ticket are, at minimum, a short-term pain and can be much worse. By pleading guilty to the speeding ticket, you could see an increase in your insurance premiums and they can add points to your driving record. While most speeding tickets require that you pay a fine, the fine can be much more than you ever thought. These are the reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you deal with any kind of traffic ticket. A professional lawyer can help you with the following:

  • You need to pay a fine. A lawyer may be able to reduce your fine. They are skilled negotiators and are familiar with how the system works. With their knowledge and experience, they often reduce fines on several types of tickets. They can even make sure that if a fine must be paid to the court, will remain off your driving record.
  • At times, you may not even realize that your rights are violated during traffic stops. This is where an attorney can work to protect you when your rights have been violated.
  • Intimidation also comes in play when you are entitled to fight on your own, but a prosecutor isn’t going to be intimidated by you – someone who has little knowledge of how the system works. A lawyer with many years of experience can be your savior in working a deal with the court to prevent points from going on your driving record.
  • Lawyers are familiar with the best ways to fight in the traffic court to help you get you out of a speeding traffic ticket.
  • Furthermore, the lawyers can save you money by fighting your ticket, protecting your rights and helping to reduce your fines.