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5 Step Checklist on How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

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A lot of people live under the rock believing that fighting a speeding ticket is a bad idea and they might just as well bear the consequences right away. What they don’t realize is that in addition to the fine from a ticket, they will also have to face a lot of other hidden costs as they decide to plead guilty. Fighting a speeding ticket is always a good idea to minimize the consequences of the ticket if not dismiss the ticket outright.

Here is a list of 5 strategies that work like magic when fighting a traffic ticket:

  • Check the ticket thoroughly for mistakes

If you are able to spot a mistake that reasonably questions the issuing officer’s accuracy, you are most likely going to end up winning the case.

  • Check RADAR and LIDAR calibration

It is but obvious that the equipment used to clock the speed should be calibrated regularly. If the police fail to provide a testimony from someone who maintains the equipment, you might be able to get a rid of the ticket.

  • Use pre-trial and trial tactics

A common but rather useful trick is to reschedule the hearing multiple times and hope that the cop doesn’t show.

  • If it is a camera ticket, confirm your identity

This one’s as easy as it sounds.

  • If it is a school zone ticket, don’t forget to verify signage

Don’t forget to check if the time of the offense is against school hours.

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