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Traffic Citation Lawyers Explain the Common Myths Surrounding Traffic Tickets

When it comes to traffic tickets, many people have developed assumptions and theories without realizing that these aren’t backed by practice or personal experience. Drivers often think that they have strategies that can help them get out of most traffic tickets, but unfortunately, most of these are based upon incorrect information.

According to our top rated Traffic Ticket Attorneys, some of the most common myths surrounding traffic tickets are:

  • The traffic ticket issued to you will be dropped if the officer fails to show up in the court:

Although, this may be the case many times, it isn’t guaranteed. This is one of the most common myths. People often think that the ticket will be dismissed if the officer doesn’t show up in court. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not how it works since many courts tend to reschedule the hearing to a time when it is more suitable for the officer to appear.

  • Blame the faulty radars for a traffic violation:

Many people find it convenient to blame devices for being faulty and showing the speed incorrectly. However, experts recommend finding other evidence to plead not guilty, as this isn’t a very strong defense.

  • Passing is a good excuse to speed:

You had to push past the speed limit to safely pass someone is another common myth which people think will work. Speeding is against the law – no matter the reason.

  • Officers can’t make errors in their reports:

This is one myth that people would love to believe since itcan make a lot of lives easier. If the policeman accidentally makes an error while making a report, this could invite your chance of questioning the cop’s report and opening doors for urging to drop the ticket.

Our experienced and top-rated Traffic Ticket Lawyers at My Traffic Tickets have debunked these common myths. Their experience has helped them deal with 97% cases successfully by avoiding these myths.

If you need help with your traffic ticket, then reach out to My Traffic Tickets to ensure you have an experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer fight your ticket on your behalf. Call our team at 1-877-298-9099 for more information.

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