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Why We Do It

We understand the headaches and the financial burdens that come with receiving a traffic ticket, so we made it our goal to ease the pain of every one of our customers and clients. We truly believe that we have the best traffic ticket attorneys in our network, whose sole mission is to keep a clean driving record for everyone. Since launching in 2014, our traffic ticket defense attorneys have collectively handled over 100,000 violations and counting.

Red Mission

Our Mission

We understand that time is the most important commodity for you, that is why we pride ourselves in offering a one-stop destination to take care of all traffic ticket needs with only the best customer service to support it. The most important thing to us is to keep our customers worry free with 100% clean records.

Our Culture

At MTT, we have a "Positivity Only" atmosphere. Working hard, good energy, and excellence is what you will find here in our offices.


We know that results are better achieved when each person is focusing on their strengths. That is why we love working as a team.

Results Oriented

We love amazing results. We aren’t afraid to take a more arduous path or get creative if it means getting the results that we want.

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