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Accident Tickets


Irrespective of how unintentional a road accident is, the consequences of being involved in one can be tremendous. In addition to some extra points on your driving license, these serious infractions often result in big insurance increases. We feel the best way out to avoid these conditions is letting an experienced traffic ticket lawyer handle the situation for you. My Traffic Tickets is the traffic ticket expert you’ve been looking for all this while!

After a traffic accident, the police can charge you with tickets such as careless operation, speeding, failure to follow traffic signs, following too closely or DWI and vehicular negligent injuring.

Accident Tickets

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There can be several conditions that might result in a road accident – bad weather, congested streets, and construction being some of the contributing factors. If you choose to handle things on your own by paying for the accident ticket, you are inviting trouble for yourself! Why? Because you just admitted the guilt accepting the consequences!

Accident Tickets

Let’s take a quick look at how an experienced traffic ticket lawyer might help make things easier for you: they can help you avoid convictions, points, increased insurance rates, as well as driving school without you having to step in the court! Interesting, isn’t it?

Once you are able to dodge the conviction, the driving school, and the points, you have already made the difference in keeping your driving record spotless and your insurance premiums down.

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Why choose My Traffic Tickets?

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The experience of handling more than 100,000 traffic tickets in court has allowed our skilled traffic ticket lawyers to come up with some effective procedures and defense strategies. We understand how stressful and traumatic the whole situation can be and that is exactly why we are determined to try our best to take this burden completely off your shoulders.

You can forget all your worries once you put your trust in My Traffic Tickets. Feel free to sit back and relax while we take care of everything else for you. We promise dealing with an accident ticket will never get any easier than this!

We are determined about making things as easy as we can and that is exactly why we have introduced a three step process that allows you to choose an experienced traffic warrant lawyer without burning a hole in your pocket.

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