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CDL Traffic Tickets

CDL Traffic Tickets


For commercial drivers, there is no such thing as a minor traffic ticket. Anytime they receive a speeding ticket, a safety violation, or any other ticket — the stakes are high.

CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders often face unusual challenges when they’re cited for a traffic violation. That’s because they need their CDL to earn a living. Moreover, Texas and most states do not allow for deferred adjudication or a defensive driving class to avoid the implications of a traffic citation.

CDL Traffic Tickets

Types of Violations That Are Faced by CDL Holders

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Citations received by CDL drivers can be similar to those that are issued to drivers of a standard vehicle. However, there are many that are unique to truck drivers, such as:

  • Weight violations
  • Log book violations
  • Grade violations
  • Speeding while towing a trailer
CDL Traffic Tickets

If you are a commercial driver, we understand that you depend on your CDL for your livelihood and getting ticketed could put your job in serious jeopardy. Also, the stakes are too high to risk going to the court without an experienced lawyer by your side. At My Traffic Tickets, we provide you with the defense you need while making all court appearances on your behalf.

We believe that getting CDL traffic tickets dismissals are critical for several reasons. First of all, you do not want a simple ticket to impact your career in the long run. Moreover, as commercial drivers are expected to follow all the traffic rules, something as common as speeding may be viewed as a serious violation, if committed by them. While the consequences of such traffic violations aren’t as severe for those with traditional licenses, having a commercial license changes the nature of the ticket issues. Hence, the ramifications are also likely to be more serious. Such as:

Loss of Employment

A Suspended Commercial Driver’s License

Increased Insurance Rates

Let My Traffic Tickets experienced traffic ticket lawyer’s fight your CDL ticket, as we understand the importance of doing whatever it takes to win!

Traffic Tickets
Traffic Tickets

What are the possible consequences if you don’t fight a speeding ticket?

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There are several consequences you might have to face in case you choose to fight a speeding ticket on your own. The long list includes:

  • Expensive fines
  •  A conviction on your driving record
  • Points on your driving record
  • Surcharges for a period of three years
  •  Increased auto insurance premiums
  • Suspension of your driver’s license

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