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No Insurance Tickets


Driving without motor vehicle insurance is one of the most serious traffic violations which can potentially result in mandatory penalties, such as a fine, a loss of a driver’s license, a period of community service, and imprisonment if it is a subsequent offense.

The worst part is that even if you were not the one driving the vehicle, you can still be charged with ‘permitting the operation of a motor vehicle without insurance’. The best way out of a situation as critical can be by reaching out to a professional such as the traffic citation lawyers at My Traffic Tickets.

Notably, it is a reverse onus charge and the accused has to prove that they have insurance if they want to get away with the violation.

No Insurance Tickets

What happens when you fail to show a proof of valid insurance?

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A traffic officer can charge you with either of these two –

  1. Operating a motor vehicle without insurance
  2. Failure in surrendering the insurance card

The second charge being a heavy one goes onto the driver’s record for three years and affects the insurance rates by a great margin. If you try to act smart by producing a false evidence of insurance and end up getting caught, the trouble doubles. Hence, it is extremely important you choose your course of action wisely!

No Insurance Tickets
No insurance
No insurance

How do you get out of it?

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When a police officer demands a valid evidence of insurance, you will have to produce it. Failure to do this may result in a violation and the only way out is reaching out to an expert traffic ticket and warrant lawyer from My Traffic Tickets.

Here at MTT, we have a team of some of the best and most experienced traffic ticket lawyers who don’t hesitate walking the extra mile to ensure 

that your charge received the individual attention it deserves and ultimately, help you win the case. Our team completely understands the challenges involved in getting a traffic ticket case dismissed and the experts have got you covered even in complex cases when we cannot get the charges canceled by getting the fine dropped to a reasonable amount.

Stuck in one such situation and looking for ways out? Reach out to us without further delay and help us help you!

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