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Receiving a traffic ticket in Hunters Creek Village, Texas can be extremely frustrating. It can –

  • Result in huge fines and surcharges
  • Add points on your driving record
  • Increasing your insurance premiums
  • Stain your driving record in long term
  • Lead to a driving license suspension or revocation
  • Negatively impact your way of life

A traffic violation can be as minor as not signaling while changing lanes or as serious as causing a DWI accident. With a wide range of traffic violations comes a wide range of penalties. There are also some traffic offenses that can lead to license suspension, or even jail time, if you are found guilty.

At MTT, we provide excellent legal counsel to drivers across Hunters Creek Village who’ve been charged with a traffic violation. Whether you are looking for an experienced speeding ticket attorney or a legal expert to help you fight your ticket any other traffic citation, we have you covered! We are skilled in handling traffic tickets such as speeding tickets, no insurance tickets, suspended / no driver’s license, accident tickets, stop sign tickets, red light tickets, reckless driving, texting and driving, DUI/DWI, CDL traffic tickets, and more. Even if you have been issued a warrant because of not being able to pay your traffic fines or failing to appear in court as required, we have some of the best traffic warrant lawyer to help you deal with the situation.

Not only our attorneys highly experienced & familiar with the local judges, prosecutors, and courts, but are also highly driven to secure the best possible result for every client – regardless of how minor or serious their traffic offense is.

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With our combined 97% success rate and handling of over 100,000 traffic violations, we take pride that we have earned the loyalty and trust of our customers and clients. Let us help you get your traffic tickets and warrants dismissed today!

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