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  • Ticket dismissals
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  • 97% success rate
  • No points
  • Clean driving record
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A traffic ticket attorney from My Traffic Tickets will guide you through the steps involved or can even appear in the court on your behalf. The fees demanded by the attorney can vary depending upon a number of factors like the location of your ticket, the number of violations, the type of ticket you have, or the difficulty of your ticket.

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A number of states in the US keep track of reckless drivers using a point system and Texas is one of them. Our reliable traffic attorneys in Live Oak County keep these points from getting added to your license. Another reason why hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is a great option is the fact that lawyers have enough knowledge about the traffic system in the location you’ve been charged. They know what works and what does not. They know what strategies can be used in the court to beat a speeding ticket.


Let My Traffic Tickets Handle All Your Traffic Warrants If You Want To Avoid

  • Paying increased insurance premiums
  • Paying heavy fines in the form of DMV surcharges
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Appearing in the court

Our Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Live Oak County Can Help Resolve Tickets for All Sorts of Violations

  • Speeding Violation
  • Red Light Run Out Violation
  • Distracted Driving Violation
  • Invalid Driver’s License Violation
  • Illegal U-Turn Violation
  • Seat Belt Violation
Apart from this, you can save your time as our attorneys will manage everything alone. And remember, this complete process is carried out without ever going to the attorney’s office! Also, our fee is competitive and affordable for everyone.
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