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In this section, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions involving traffic violations, such as How to Fight a Ticket? What Happens If One Chooses To Pay Their Ticket? Etc. We hope the answers below will help you know what to expect when you receive a traffic ticket.

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Traffic ticket lawyers have 1 job to do, and that is to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Their job is to make sure your traffic ticket doesn’t affect your license or your insurance rates. Also, in most cases a traffic ticket lawyer can go to court on your behalf without you having to appear.
Many things could happen. When you just pay your ticket outright, that means your ticket is going to be entered as a conviction, which could spike your insurance rates for many years, suspend your driver’s license, appear on your driving record, or cause you to pay additional fines to the DMV of your state.
Most courts do not require you to appear in court if you hire a traffic ticket lawyer. However, each court’s policies are different, so we cannot guarantee you will not have to go to court. We will be sure to notify you as early in advance as possible if you need to appear, but generally we can let you know prior to hiring your lawyer.
99% of the time, the answer is no. However, occasionally there are times where you would need to go to an office near you to sign some paperwork. This is usually because of the type of case that you have. We will let you know in advance.
If you want to avoid paying higher insurance premiums or having a ticket on your record, the answer is absolutely! We want our customers to have clean records forever.
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