When You Should Hire A Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you drive above the speed limit, run a red light, hit the road when impaired, drive without a valid license, or break any other traffic rules; you are likely to receive a ticket from a police officer. While there are some violations that are fairly simple to resolve, others, such as a DWI, are […]

Missed Your Court Date? What Can Happen and How to Handle It

Depending on the violation, you might have to appear in court several times. It may be for an arraignment, a pre-trial conference, hearing, trial, sentencing, or any other proceeding. If you fail to make an appearance as ordered, you commit another violation. Here is a list of actions that might be taken against you when […]

Explore Your Options Before You Pay That Ticket!

Just because you received a ticket for speeding or another traffic violation does not mean that you deserved it. Although it can be quite tricky to beat or fight a ticket, in some cases your effort does pay off. When they are given a ticket, most people pay it right away because they consider it […]

Road Safety Tips for Commercial Truck Drivers

Truckers are expected to have their full concentration on the road while driving. They must deal with other vehicles on the road, watch for wandering stray animals, and drive through severe weather conditions that can be fatal for them and those around them. Even a single mistake can lead to fatal consequences in the worst […]

Tips That Might Help Fighting a Speeding Ticket

A majority of the issued traffic tickets are for over speeding! However, fighting one is not that difficult. Here is a list of tips that you can follow while fighting a speeding ticket effectively: Research as much as you can The more knowledge you have about a subject, the better you deal with it! Research […]

Minor Traffic Offenses Can Lead to Major Trouble in the Future

Many people think to pay the fine immediately after receiving a traffic ticket just to be done with it. Perhaps, they do not feel the need to hire an attorney for such a minor traffic offense. However, such minor traffic violations can create issues in the future if they accumulate within a brief period. Depending […]

How A Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help You Defend Your Case

Dealing with a traffic ticket is never an enjoyable experience. The good thing is that even when you are charged with a violation, there is a lot that can be done to keep you from being convicted. But the first thing that should be done to avoid a troublesome situation is to hire an experienced […]

5 Tips for Beating a Speeding Ticket

It happens to the best of us. We are driving and suddenly a police officer is pulling us over. I want you to have these tips for beating a ticket BEFORE you need them. Here are 5 tips that can help you get out of a speeding ticket. Tip 1 – Make sure you behave […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay Your Ticket Fine

People often ask us, why should I fight my ticket? Shouldn’t I just pay the ticket and get it over with? Well, no, you shouldn’t. Paying your ticket can result in lots of unintended consequences, ones that we can help prevent. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should NOT pay your ticket outright […]