Explore Your Options Before You Pay That Ticket!


Just because you received a ticket for speeding or another traffic violation does not mean that you deserved it. Although it can be quite tricky to beat or fight a ticket, in some cases your effort does pay off. When they are given a ticket, most people pay it right away because they consider it to be the easiest and most convenient option. However, when doing so, they are admitting their guilt while voluntarily paying the highest fines and having to deal with other penalties and insurance increases. As most violations allow up to 90 days to pay the fine or to enter a plea, nearly all speeding ticket lawyers advise people to explore their options instead of paying the ticket immediately.

Fighting a traffic ticket does not always mean fighting in court. In fact, in most cases, people never go to trial. If you are a first-time offender, you may even get a reduced fine,and the citation might not be released to the insurance company. However, if that is not an option in your case, you need to examine every little piece of information on your traffic ticket. You can also hire a lawyer for a ticket you have received to help you navigate the process. When a person gets pulled over, he or she often resorts to storytelling for defending his or her actions. While this may get sympathy from some traffic police officers, it is less likely to work in front of judges. They want a logical and sound legal argument, not a narrative of what happened or why. That’s why you need a legal professional to represent your side of the story.

At My Traffic Tickets, we are committed to increasing your chances of success when it comes to fighting a ticket. Irrespective of the circumstances surrounding your traffic violation in, we work to reduce your fines, negotiate for alternative penalties, or to have a complete ticket dismissal for you. If required, our attorneys go to court on your behalf, saving you time. To discuss your traffic ticket needs with us, feel free to contact us @ (877) 298-9099.

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  1. Was stopped for several minutes in Stanley’s at Matagorda. Police pulled in behind me and charged me with speeding. Seems wrong to me in multiple fronts. Not moving. Engine off. No radar but “estimates “ my speed at 125 in a 55! Oh and a missing front plate as it’s new. Plate is/was currently in the front window.

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